What is my user name and password?

If you have not previously created a user name and password your default user name is your phone number, area code first with no spaces or dashes and your password is your last name.User names and passwords are not case sensitive.

What if I forget my user name and password?

Click "More help logging in" on the login screen for assistance.

How do I register for a class online?

1. To register for an activity, enter the 6-digit Activity Number and the 1-2 digit section number of the desired activity/program. If you don't know the activity number, click on one of the links below the program category you are instrested in.

2. Click on the Activity Number of the program you wish to enroll in.

3. Select the family member that you wish to enroll from the "Family Member to Enroll" pull-down box.

4. Click on the "Add to Cart" icon.

Will I be able to receive my senior discount when enrolling online?

Yes, the 10% senior discount for designated classes will be automatically assessed during the registration process.

Can I enroll online using my Mac?

Yes, however, the system does not currently work with the Safari browser. By downloading a free browser, such as Firefox or Chrome, you will be able to enroll using your Mac.

Why can't I view my receipt?

All receipts are in .PDF format and require Adobe Reader. Your browser must allow pop-ups to view receipts correctly.

Is there a way to track my class history and receipts?

Yes, click on "Account" and select "View My History." To print a past receipt of a WebTrac registration, go to "Account" then "Reprint a Receipt."

Can I cancel or transfer to a different activity online?

Please contact us at (785) 832-3450 for cancellations and transfers.

Recommended browsers are IE 9+ or a current version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari.